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What is the OCEF?

What is the OCEF's main mission?

How is the OCEF different?

Why is the OCEF necesary?

The OCEF's ultimate dream.

The OCEF's stance towards China's internal affairs and imploring the trust of the Chinese government.

About the founder, Qiu Wei


What is the OCEF?

The OCEF is a non-political, non-partisan, and a l00% non-profit, charitable organization.


What is the OCEF's main mission?

The main mission of the OCEF is to attempt to improve the image of Chinese people in the eyes of foreigners by helping China become stable and peaceful. The OCEF aims to provide financial aid to the poorest village peasants in China and to unite worldwide overseas Chinese. These are the essential steps towards that goal.

Further objectives of the OCEF organization and its members are to: promote friendship and cooperation among all overseas Chinese for mutual benefit, foster friendship and cooperation between overseas Chinese and local indigenous peoples, to respect and uphold the Constitution of individual country, to eliminate prejudice and ignorance, to promote the cultural heritage of Chinese at the particular country, to enhance the image of those of Chinese ancestry permanently residing in civic and national life, secure justice, equal opportunity and equal treatment of Overseas Chinese as well as those local indigenous peoples regardless of race, color, sex, or national origin.


How is the OCEF different?

The OCEF is a distinctively different from the other thousands of Chinese organizations around the world:

  1. Unlike other Chinese organizations, which represent only a segment of individuals or particular group, the OCEF seeks to represent all ethnic Chinese worldwide with a chapter in every country or wherever there is a Chinese community.
  2. OCEF contributors, shareholders or donors take all the credit, honor or prestige from their contributions. The recipient or beneficiary is responsible to send a thank you and grateful acknowledgment letter directly to the contributor. The OCEF is not an organization built on the reputations of a few, but rather on the goodness of all its contributors.
  3. The accountability within the OCEF organization is impeccable because of the direct approach policy in fund distribution and credit recognition; OCEF donation funds go direct to beneficiary without passing through a third party. The beneficiary is required to send a thank you letter to express gratitude to the contributor. This will eliminate possible corruption.
  4. As an OCEF member, there will be no personal gain. As matter of fact, being an OCEF member requires personal sacrifice. Of course, members may benefit from the exchange of knowledge and opportunities among each other. In general the OCEF is nothing more than a non-profit organization. Therefore, the OCEF seeks only those TRUE BELIEVERS OF OURSELVES as Chinese. Other individuals, who are not compatible with the OCEF's principles and instead have different personal objectives, are not suggested to join.


Why is the OCEF necessary?

Over the past hundred years, two similar groups of people, the Jewish and the Chinese, have emigrated all over the world in search of a better life. Through their natural intelligence, ambition and hard work, the Jewish and the Chinese have more often then not achieved success. However, their success has also often drawn jealousy and persecution at the hands of the indigenous people.

After the Holocaust, the Jewish realized that economic and societal success does not necessarily translate into respect from the indigenous community. Consequently, the Jews learned a hard lesson and established the World Jewish Congress for the unification of all Jews worldwide against discrimination and prejudice. Today the Jewish people are highly respected throughout the world. Even the U.S. Congress would not dare reckon the strength of the Jewish peoples.

However, we overseas Chinese have not yet woken up. Fifty years ago, with China being one of the poorest and weakest nations in the world, the image of we, Chinese people, was at its worst. Persecution of overseas Chinese was rampant throughout the world. Even a tiny country in Central America, Panama, persecuted us during the period of l940-l950. Today, Indonesia still exercises discrimination against us and uses overseas Chinese as the scapegoats for their own poverty and backward conditions. One Indonesian overseas Chinese, established in Indonesia for 4 generations, could not escape persecution despite the fact that he does not even have a Chinese name. In fact, he cannot even speak Chinese.

Today, although we overseas Chinese control some 90% of the economic power in Southeast Asia, we still have no political power there or anywhere. As a result, envy and jealousy from the indigenous people has led to persecution and violence towards us.

Today, China is ranked #4 in world trade status according to the New York Times. Chinese products ranging from simple household appliances to computer parts to commercial satellite launching services are being exported all over the world. China today is the third country in the world to have the capacity and knowledge to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the moon. Furthermore, China is now the #2 military power after the U.S. Not surprisingly, we are now receiving the kind of respect that Confucianism could have never achieved. Thus, it is clear that the status of China today, as opposed to 50 years ago, is the reason foreigners treat us so differently.

In conclusion, the fact remains that we overseas Chinese are innately attached to China as a nation. When China is weak, we pay the price and the consequences. When China is stable and peaceful, we are the first to reap the benefits. Of course, we are also responsible for the precarious situations we've faced in the past and share the blames for our own disunity. As Dr. Sun Yat Sen (founding father of modern China) once said, we Chinese are like "a rope of sand", which cannot be held by the fists of our hands. With this premise in mind, we should all ask ourselves this question: WHY DO WE NOT HELP CHINA BE STRONG IF IT IS BENEFICIAL TO ALL OF US?


The OCEF's ultimate dream.

We overseas Chinese, with so many divisions and groups, often squabble among ourselves. For example, in the l999 NYC legislators' election, two ethnic Chinese candidates battled each other instead of uniting against a third non-Chinese candidate. As result, we ended up losing the election. It is the ultimate dream of the OCEF to unite the thousands of organizations in NYC and around the world to fight for our rights against our common enemies: Prejudice and Discrimination.

Historically, China has always had two enemies: Civil War and natural disasters. Stability and peace have finally been achieved by the Chinese people. Natural disasters, particularly floods, are still the main causes of poverty among farmers and poor peasant individuals. There are estimated over 46 millions of overseas Chinese ethnic individuals around the world. If we only had the spirit of unity of the Jews and if we further extended our compassionate hearts to help those poverty stricken peasant farmers, then the OCEF is confident that the second enemy of the Chinese people can be defeated.

It is a natural thing for us to pursue better lives for ourselves and for our families. But once we have reached that goal, we should all then commit ourselves to helping our motherland. After all, it does not matter where we were born or what nationality we belong to; In the eyes of the foreigners, we are all still Chinese. Therefore, it is fundamentally important that China be stable and peaceful because that is the only way we, overseas Chinese, can receive the respect we deserve.


The OCEF's stand towards China's internal affairs and imploring the trust of the Chinese government.

The OCEF organization is not like those western countries, Christian religions, or the Fay Lung Gong group. The OCEF does not aim to control the minds of those poor peasants. The OCEF does not aim to gain personal fame, advantages, or power. The OCEF's only purpose is to find the simplest way to use action to help China without involving any political conflict. The OCEF aims to directly help those poor peasant families without any red tape by bypassing bureaucracy and eliminating corruption. Through this policy, the OCEF aims to gain the trust and confidence of contributors around the world.

The OCEF shall not involve itself in any political activity related to China. The OCEF believes that politics in China are the internal affairs of the Chinese people. The OCEF believes that at present, China is not ready for democracy without incurring irreparable damage to China as a nation. The collapse of the former Soviet Union, with all its consequences, is an example that democracy is not necessarily a panacea for all problems in all countries. India is the largest democracy in the world. Nevertheless, their economic achievement is far behind those of China. The OCEF is not advocating any political system, but instead, we're just stating that situation must be right in order to fit the western style democracy system.

The OCEF believes democracy is a slow process of political transformation, which in order to succeed, must be accomplished through EVOLUTION and not by REVOLUTION.

The OCEF believes that China is not ready for democracy due to the lack of nationalism. The feudalism of the past has made many of it citizens place their clan origin above the country. There are hundreds of different languages, resentment among different regions, improper educational and undeveloped economic status. All of these are the main difficulties that today put China in an unfavorable situation for democracy WITHOUT INCURRING A COSTLY CIVIL WAR. In short, a society of people lacking a common goal as a nation, understanding of civil responsibility and law and order, are better off being ruled by a BENEVOLENT DICTATOR rather than a democratic institution.

The OCEF realizes that China may not have a democratic institution like those western countries at present. But, the achievement of the Chinese people during last 20 years is something we, overseas Chinese, should be very proud of. The OCEF believes that China cannot just blindly copy the US democracy by REVOLUTION . Instead, we should search and study the US democratic transformation of last 200 years. We should learn how the founding fathers of US unified their country and started their democratic process.

The OCEF is not here to condemn or endorse any form of political system but rather to implore that we, Chinese, should be patient and hesitant to create a civil war in China just in the name of DEMOCRACY.

The OCEF believes that what China needs most is STABILITY AND PEACE. We should never forget China's historical enemies: Civil War and Natural Disaster.

The OCEF is non-political 100% non-profit organization. Our goal is simply to help China become stable and peaceful through charity. We hope that one day all Chinese people will be proud and respected around the world. More important, we hope our children can be proud of their Chinese heritage.

In conclusion, upon completion of indicating our stance and manifestation of what we belief is best for China, the OCEF hopes it will gain the confidence and trust of the Chinese people and particularly, the Chinese government. Thus, the OCEF hopes for the cooperation and help from the Chinese government in order to make the OCEF a success story.


About the founder, Qiu Wei

Mr. Qiu Wei P.E. was born in China before immigrating to the Republic of Panama. He has experienced discrimination and prejudice from foreigners for over 50 years. He realizes that despite academic triumph, personal success and accomplishments, he still cannot get the respect he deserves as an individual. He directly witnessed the correlation between China's status and how it effects the way foreigners treat us, Chinese. Such are the reasons for his conviction and dedication to the creation of the OCEF- Overseas Chinese Ethnic Foundation.

Mr. Qiu Wei is currently a Professional Engineer in practice. He is the owner and President of AsiaAm Inc., a real estate development, plumbing and heating company. He is an expert in constuction renovation and building management.


  • B.S. Math and Physics, Panama University, Republic of Panama
  • B.S. Engineering, Cooper Union, USA
  • Registered Professional Engineer, New York
  • Registered Professional Engineer, New Jersey
  • Licensed Master Plumber, New York City
  • Licensed Master Plumber, Westchester County
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker, New York
  • Licensed Fire Suppression Contractor, New York City
  • Licensed Asbestos Investigator, New York City


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